Our mission is to provide an experience that will have a positive impact on each of our clients lives.  We strive to enhance and constantly challenge our members to attain their fitness goals in health and inlife.  We pride ourselves on providing an environment where our members feel comfortable, motivated and challenged.  Our professionAl staff offers an innovative, cutting edge approach to fitness on the premise of keeping it fresh, fun and functional. 




For those who believe that Strength, Power, Speed & Agility is your  ultimate pursuit, Athletic Edge is your destination.

AS A leading authority in the sports industry for almost 15 years. I CombinE a mix of expertise in speed, strength and sport specific training. I work with athletes in the professional, collegiate and high school level. AS owner of Athletic Edge , I STRIVE TO CREATE AN INDIVIDUAL /GOAL ORIENTED PLAN FOR A VARIETY OF clientele .  i spend time consulting with sports teams and Universities TO STAY CURRENT in the ever changing dynamics of the sports industry. MY PROFESSION IS IN ENGINEERING WHICH I CONTINUE TO DO FOR 'WORK,' BUT MY PASSION AND INVOLVEMENT IN SPORTS TRAINING  IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO.

I am CERTIFIED AS a CSCS and ATC, I HAVE HAD MUCH SUCCESS in rehabilitation FOR ATHLETES THAT HAVE ENDURED MAJOR INJURIES. I TAKE A LOT OF PRIDE IN THEIR RECOVERY ADDRESSING BOTH THE PHYSICAL and mental ASPECT IN THE JOURNEY TO GET BACK TO THEIR SPORT OR ACTIVITIES. I  PROVIDE A UNIQUE APPROACH WHICH relatES to life and sport. I have been acknowledged by Stanford University in 2012 for my  commitment to their athletes and the community. 

AL Ruggiero, CSCS, pt,  CLC, CWC